Customs World provides three important administrative services including: Human resource management, consultancy and ICT services (MIRSAL). These services are the backbone in implementing best customs practices and software for enhancing overall performance.

ICT Services

The IT service provided is the procurement, installation and maintenance of various customs software including the award winning MIRSAL system.

MIRSAL, the secure trade facilitation built by Dubai Customs. It is a comprehensive, integrated solution for any customs administration, it is constantly updated as per new industry requirements.

It is a world-class program that is World Customs Organization compliant and approved.

MIRSAL uses a four stage process, simplifying customs transactions for importers and exporters.

40% reduction
in overall IT cost
36% increase
in seizures
Step 1: Submission

Transactions can be submitted 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Clients can prepare electronic declarations before goods have reached their destination.

Step 2: Instant Validation

Transactions are quality-checked as they’re entered, and simultaneously cross-referenced through the business rules engine – reducing data entry and human errors.

Step 3: Risk Management

Transactions are automatically sent to the risk engine, where they are rigorously filtered through smart risk profiles. These are created using up-to-date information from intelligence officers, allowing for real time deployment.

Step 4: Duty payment

For speed and convenience, there are different payment options available.

Even with millions of transactions per annum, the entire process is cleared within minutes and auto approval is done within 2 seconds.